Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Yet More Dark Knight Rises Leaks All Over the 'Net.

Seriously, who is running security on this thing? I'm beginning to think that the entire film is being made out of spy footage. We've already watched about half of it and it still has a year to release!

This time Aint It Cool News is running photos from the other day's Stadium Shoot that Jacinta posted about which reveal Tom Hardy's pumped-up, baldy Bane taking the reins as Gotham's spokesman for Heinz delicious tomato ketchup:

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It also appears that Bane has custom-built his own fleet of Batmobiles, but embarrassingly his desert camouflage paintjobs are doing nothing to conceal them in this tightly-packed stadium. Embarrassing, Bane. The desert is that way.

Now I realise that these are all amateur shots, and it will look infinitely better in the final film, and I totally trust that the engimatic Mr. Christopher Nolan could make an engaging film about a slice of bread. But even the most ardent Nolan fan has to admit that at this very early stage it all looks kind of silly. It seems to be leaving a lot of fans cold and strangely hungering for Doritos.

As much as I want a third Batman film to be the most kickass film ever made about an angry, screaming man dressed up as a bat who dangles people over things, there's also a little part of me that hopes that this is all an elaborate prank and - after all the impossible - that Nolan is actually going to knowingly and deliberately make a monumentally campy piece of shit on par with Batman and Robin. You know, just to get a RISE out of the fans. Because let's face it - Nolan is waaaaay smarter than any of us, especially his most rabid fans, so why wouldn't he enjoy a quiet chuckle by pissing them off. And in the process possibly exploding their heads.

See the rest of the images at the source. Or is that "sauce"?

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  1. Nolan's got a plan. I would trust that plan with my LIFE.