Monday, August 8, 2011

Roll the Credits!

Cartoonist and animator, Gene Deitch, director of an Academy Award winning cartoon Munroe as well as Tom and Jerry and Popeye and plenty of other cartoons, has launched what he's calling a 'living book.'

Ok, it's pretty much a blog about the people who he describes as 'the 65 freaky people – many who have been so far hidden from you – who’ve pushed and prodded me into whatever it is that I’ve accomplished'

The living book starts here, with a prologue, and so far he has written about John Hubley, a UPA animator who I didn't know by name, but am a fan of the UPA catalogue and am really happy to have just learned about, as well as Tomi Ungerer, who is an incredible children's book illustrator among others. It's always great to see the work that inspires your favourite artists, and I am really looking forward to following this blog.

Gene is also the artist and writer of a very short lived comic strip called Terr’ble Thompson, (collected by Fantagraphics) which has some of the most wonderful comic art ever produced. If you're in to that Cartoon Modern style of art, you really need to get your hands on this collection.

The cover of the Fantagraphics collection


  1. Deitch is such a huge inspiration to me!

  2. Cool! This has sent me on a huge link clicking spiral.

  3. Ive - That's the best! I hope you watched some of the cartoons on YouTube!