Thursday, August 11, 2011

Food Fight - Upcoming Card Game From Cryptozoic

Cryptozoic are the makers of the World of Warcraft card game, and one of the upcoming The Walking Dead board games. They have a few more games coming out this fall, as well as comics and trading cards, but Food Fight looks like it will be my favorite.

It's scheduled for release this month. I can't wait. It reminds me of the style and feel of the old Food Fighters action figures (which along with Skateboard Smack-Ups, remain some of my most cherished oddball childhood toys). 

Here's a description from Cryptozoic's website:
Draft foods from Major Weiner to General Cheeseburger and battle to claim breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Send them to glory at the Push at Hamburger Hill. Spread a little relish with instants like Medic Mustard if you like the taste. The food with the most Yumminess wins! Mascots like the Toast Master General can give your army an edge when it comes to mealtime, but beware the dog. You don't want your perfectly plated meal to end.
The cards kind of speak for themselves, so here they are:

There are some extremely detailed unboxing and how-to play videos on Cryptozoic's web site (which in itself is really nice). They put a ton of effort into everything on there, and it looks like they've done the same with their games. Cryptozoic:

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