Friday, August 12, 2011

Batcopter Strikes! Why So Seriously Slack with Security!?

Christopher Nolan, are you for real? Seriously, what is happening on your set over there?! People really ARE rioting and running amok and shooting everything that you shoot on Dark Knight Rises 1:1 with their iPhones. It's like watching the behind-the-scenes blu-ray bonus features a year before the movie is even released! I feel like I've already seen the film twice! Are your security guys asleep on the job, or has all the hype caused you to descend completely into madness?

This time it's amateur footage of what has been confirmed as a Bat-Copter flying through the streets of Pittsburgh (CGI blades will be added in post-production):

Mr. Nolan, here's my advice to help you tighten up your ship/shit. You've got Christian Bale on set, and he's not in front of the camera ALL the time. And if he absolutely loves screaming at crew members then imagine what he's capable of doing to a gawker with a camera-phone. Put Batman himself in charge of security and watch these leaks subside to a rapid halt as Bale clogs them with his fists!

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