Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wait?! That's made with a GameBoy?

Chipmusic. It's the formal/fancy term for 8-bit music. For most, the first tune to come to mind is the ever-so-popular Mario Bros. theme. Beep beep boop.

Whether you're a chip fan or not, theres something for everyone in this nostalgic, techy genre. For some, it brings back memories of their favorite games of the day. For others like myself, its just another genre of music that can be found on my iPod. The wonderful thing about chip musicians is their selfless attitude towards music sharing. Chip musicians are always throwing their music out there for the world to hear. To them, it's just as fun as the games that inspired it.

One particular artist is an0va. An0va, based in Philadelphia, is a new musician armed with a modified original Nintendo Gameboy and a copy of Little Sound Dj. With both tools, an0va blasts some of the most progy, mathy, static music that the genre has to offer. An0va's debut album, The Teaching Machine is a free bandcamp release with 6 tracks and some really cool artwork. The Teaching Machine doesn't stick to the typical "video game' style that many chip musicians are so accustomed to creating. In fact, his sound is completely unique to himself. You know what, forget me trying to describe it. Check out the last track on The Teaching Machine for yourself!

Does it sound like it was made with an old gameboy? If you like it, you can download the whole album for free from here:


  1. Downloaded! Thanks for the heads up, it's awesome! And welcome to the site!

  2. Awesome, no problem. An0va is actually my friend Dan. He performed last night in Philadelphia. It was great.