Monday, August 8, 2011

My New Pop-Culture/Burlesque Photography Site.

Since the beginning of the year when I upgraded my camera, I've been doing my darndest to self-learn photography. I've been able to do 26 shoots this year so far, with a wide variety of models and it finally seemed like a good time to move all these from my cluttered personal site and give them a more focused home of their own.

And to launch the site I've just done a new shoot with the very talented and experienced Anoush Anou who was in town for a few days. It's a Princess Leia themed shoot against the backdrop of my epic toy wall. Here's a tiny taste...

If you'd like to see the full images, and the rest of my stuff then head over and check it out - but please be forewarned that the new site is NSFW and does contain some art nudes. If you're at work, or that concerns you then please don't click! You can visit the site here at LMShoots.

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