Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Tintin Poster Continues to Irritate Disinterested Internet.

I grew up reading Tintin! I love Tintin! All the way from his Something-About-Mary rigid hair, all the way down to the pants tucked into his socks! I also love Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. In fact, my ideal existence would be like classic sitcom Full House except my three dads would be Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Tintin!

HOWEVER, I am an Australian and our school libraries are stacked high with Tintin graphic novels. Sadly in some countries, such as America for example, they were not so lucky as most of their books were cleared out of their libraries to make room for the horses. Apparently the mere mention of Tintin leaves some Internet posters confused, bewildered, and sometimes even angry!

First let's look at the brand new poster for the upcoming Adventures of Tintin movie which clearly reveals their cherubic CGI faces:

Looks like a rollicking, classic, serial adventure to me! Also notice the involvement of Andy Serkis, John Williams, Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright. It all sounds pretty solid, right?

Now let's analyse what the folks in the feedback sections are saying:

At Superhero Hype bat725 (real name) has this thoughtful insight that certainly gets me thinking:
"OK, so I just Wiki'd Tintin, because I had no flippin' clue who this char was, and after reading it, I'm asking myself, "Who the hell cares about Tintin?" I predict an EPIC FAIL for team Spielberg/Jackson. Just like I do for The Amazing Spider-Crap reboot! LOL!!!"

LOL indeed! Although it's not all laughs. Reading this I began to wonder if I really did care about Tintin after all, and then I started to become really, sincerely anxious about Spider-Crap. I mean - MAN!

ND offers:
"How does this crap relate to Superhero's or anything cool we used to watch as kids at all?
Same goes for that cowboy's and aliens s**te."

Hang on he's right? What IS this cowboys and aliens shit? I've never heard of anything REMOTELY like that! Let's make movies about cool stuff we watched as kids. Like Bravestarr!

Let's see what they're saying elsewhere.

At Coming Soon Boochie Bob has this to say:
"I can't wait to see the look on Spielberg's face when the US numbers come out. This film will bomb here, but probably explode internationally...probably."

Seems a little harsh, but even harsher still when you realise that Boochie Bob is actually Spielberg's wife.

But it's not all negative. At Cinema Blend SmyTTor focuses on the positive:
"At least it's orange and blue..."

And the rest of the Internet? Not talking about it at all.

I do love Tintin and I really hope that it does well and, more importantly, that it's a great film. However, the unavoidable truth is that Americans just haven't been exposed to the character and don't have the nostalgia or love for him, and America rules the box office. Australians might love Tintin but we're a country that releases one major theatrical release each year which plays to about seven people, and makes about a hundred bucks. And this year it was about a red dog.

Let's see how this pans out...


  1. My hairdresser has a tintin tattoo. I kind of want one too. I pity any child who grew up without tintin.

    As a sidenote my deeply, deeply multicultural reader base at work can all agree on tintin. Asian, African, European, Christian, Muslim, Hindi, girls, boys. They ALL read Tintin. They're mad for them.

  2. "How does this crap relate to Superhero's or anything cool we used to watch as kids at all? "
    I love this comment! Why would anybody watch anything that they didn't already watch when they were a kid?

  3. Kind of going off Ive's comment... In the US, it's all new to us. Why not try out something new (even if it's only new to you) at the movies? I'd be interested in seeing this even more because I don't already know the characters.

  4. yeah. I think I may have known about Tin Tin, but it was in name only and that was about it. Still couldn't tell you much about it, even with you telling me what is happening as I read it

  5. And yet you got the name wrong :D

  6. As I learnt on Collectors the other day, it's SUPPOSEDLY actually supposed to be pronounced 'Tantan'. I shun this interpretation.

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  8. When IS the Bravestarr movie coming out?