Monday, August 8, 2011

The Gotham Rogues take over Heinz Field

While I must admit I've been staying away from spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises, this little titbit of info did grab my attention. Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team, was used as a shooting location for TDKR this past Saturday. The Gotham Rogues were facing off against the Rapid City Monuments, and some of the current Steelers list got to line up for the home side. Since Saturday some pretty amazing video and images have come out of the shoot, including an image of the playing jersey tweeted by the North Carolina Tar Heels QB Cameron Sexton:

Some minor spoilers under the cut.

From the vague information going around, it would seem the general gist of the scene is that there's a game of football on, and then Bane comes along and blows everything up. Will Big Ben get sacked by Bane? Will Troy Polamalu take Bane down in a fluffy-haired frenzy? Time will tell.

This video shows the massive transformation the field has undertaken for the shoot. I did have a moment of 'Oh wait, WHAT??' when I first saw the carnage, but I'm sure the crew know what they're doing. No turf was harmed in the destruction of this field. *breathe breathe*

There are also some killer photos & video over at They have some video filmed during a take, which includes Bane's voice. As I mentioned before, I've kept away from most spoilers so I'd never heard it before, but are we all going to agree that he sounds like a bit of a douche? He's meant to be from a Spanish-colonised Caribbean island, and I'm not getting either of those accents out of that.


  1. A friend was an extra on set and said it was amazing. He posted a picture of his set pass, and I was wondering why right next to the usual "No Cameras" was "No Steelers Gear".

    Here's the pass:

  2. Security on this film is super shitty! There is footage leaking all over the internet! Did you see the clip on aintitcool of Bane fighting Batman amidst a riot at City Hall? There's like four minutes of completely clear, close-up, edited footage of multiple takes. You'll see Batman belt the shit out of Tom Hardy and then they cut and Tom Hardy relaxes and pats Batman on the back. Epic!

  3. That is so so very cool. Given the amount of photos coming out of the session they obviously weren't too hardcore about counting camera phones as cameras.

  4. But in the comics the team are called the Gotham Knights! Inaccurate!