Monday, August 8, 2011

Kickin' It Old School

The other day I discovered a stack of books that caused me nothing but pain and torture in days gone by. Yes, that's right. REQUIRED READING MATERIAL. I did English Literature in high school, which was wonderful in that it started my life-long love of Shakespeare, but bad in the respect that it was brain-smashingly hard and almost resulted in me failing Year 12.

Most of the required material is incredibly tedious when you're 16, so I was actually really surprised to find I still had these books. The only one that appears to be missing is Hedda Gabler, but I had such a special hate for that book that I suspect it may have met a fiery end post-graduation. I've decided to revisit these now that I'm somewhat more 'mature' to see if they're any more enjoyable. Except Hedda Gabler. Just reading the synopsis on Wikipedia almost put me into convulsions.

See what I'm getting myself into by visiting my list of page-turning pain at The Wall of Nerd.


  1. @Luke: I believe you're confusing it with Life of Pi. Which also had a tiger on a boat.

  2. No. Heart of Darkness you stay on the boat because when you get off the boot you are attacked by a tiger. Conversely the tiger-on-boat message of Life of Pi is GET THE FUCK OFF THE BOAT. Yin-yang, baby.

  3. And I like how you describe heart of darkness in second person and therefore make it sound like a gamer walkthrough