Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Board Game Movies That Are Actually In Production (And A Fake One Too)

There are a few board game movies coming out in the next few years. The Battleship trailer is working it's way around the internet (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDMXkPfxjOc). There's a Monopoly script out there (with the Parker Brothers as characters), and I've read brief concepts for Candyland and Ouija.

Similar to Luke's Tintin post earlier, the idea of a movie based on a board game instantly puts people off. For example, see the Battleship film Wikipedia page that I stumbled across earlier today.

Most board games are based off of real world (or fantasy world) scenarios. Most games also have a short intro story, that could be the basis for a film. A film about a game, is not much different than a film about the games content. I think it's just the connection to the game that makes it so silly.

Tonight I tried to come up with movie treatments for some of my favorite board games. Here's one of them.

Cosmic Encounter: The Movie

Cosmic Encounter: The Movie

Alien representatives from 5 planets have decided to meet up for a week long summit to discuss how they can work together to solve issues like hunger, disease, economics, and more. Each alien is of it's own unique race, with it's own special power (Anti-Matter, Clone, Filch, Pacifist, and Sniveler). As they meet, they argue a lot. They argue again, and then they argue some more. Alliances are formed and enemies are made. When they disband that night, they make some phone calls, invasions start, and the war is on.

Armies from their home planets board their ships and start to attack, invade, and colonize the surrounding planets. Almost instantly, the Alien leaders get into the battles and head right to the front lines. But, each morning they need to go back to the meeting room to discuss their plans to build a better universe. These plans also end up in arguments. They disband each night and jump right back into battle, forming new alliances and backstabbing previous allies.

As their ships are destroyed, they end up in The Warp, a black hole pit that will eventually suck them into nothingness. They can be rescued by paying off Mobius, a space mechanic who will do anything for a buck, including trekking down the dangerous paths of The Warp, nicknamed the Mobius Tubes.

After a few days, the alien leaders are starting to suffer. The lack of sleep from all day meetings, the lack of a voice from the arguments, and the lack of energy from the all night battles is starting to wear them thin.. and they're intuitive alien powers start to fade away. The only way to revive themselves is to succeed in battle.

SPOILERS: In the end, four of the races secretly team up, and completely destroy the Pacifist. They decided that they can all co-exist as long as the Pacifist isn't around. It's the first thing they've ever all agreed on. They discontinue the meetings and the war is ended.

So there it is.. Cosmic Encounter, the movie! Soon to be hated by people on Wikipedia.


  1. Didn't Michael Bay make multiple versions of Headache?

  2. Announcer: This fall, the fate of the world lies with four friends and a spin of a die....

    Party goer: Left hand- blue!
    Bob (male lead): Hey that's not fair! You have 3 left hands!
    Alien Overload: Accept defeat, puny earthling, and you may be spared.
    Bob: Never!

    Announcer: Twister-the movie.

  3. Haha. Your Twister movie doesn't seem that far-fetched after watching the Battleship trailer.