Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Plush AT-AT?!?! Plus A Few Hoth Related Debates

Impressive. Most impressive.

A friend of many friends, Steff Bomb, makes super high-quality, hand-stitched, designer plush. She's made miscellaneous food items (note: my second food related post today), inanimate objects, and the occasional Star Wars creation. Recently, Steff made Han Solo's Blaster as an exclusive for the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, a/k/a C2E2, and the AT-AT above is part of Stitch Wars Strikes Back, a handmade Star Wars art exhibit opening tomorrow night in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Here's a small selection of her amazing work. You can buy these through her Etsy store - Also, follow her on tumblr ( or twitter (

Grumble Buns
Ice Cream Sammy
There is seriously a plush banjo.
Onto the Star Wars debate...

1. (a tee a tee) or (at at)?

2. Why is Hoth such an awesome Star Wars planet?

3. Which Star Wars video game has the best Hoth sequence?

I'll put my answers in the comments.


  1. 1. a tee a tee
    2. Wampas and Tauntauns
    3. Atari 2600 - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

  2. 1. At at
    2. It gives birth to Leia's sexiest outfit
    3. Battlefront II

  3. I am not as well versed in Star Wars as you guys, but what's the argument for at at?

    I always thought it was a tee a tee.

  4. It's definitely a tee a tee. No contest. And my proof is in another vehicle.. the smaller, chicken walking, unpronounceable AT-ST.

  5. It's AT AT. Always and forever. The AT-ST however, is ay tee ess tee.

  6. Everything else in Star Wars is spelled out, isn't it? R2-D2, C3PO etc

  7. It depends if it makes a word. Just ask 4-LOM. (Not 4 el oh em)

  8. I always say 4 EL OH EM...

    My daughter Elle said it was A Tee A Tee too. At least I have Grug and a 3 year old on my side.

  9. And three of the six video games it's said out loud in. :P

    Luke, is 4-LOM's name said out loud in the original trilogy? Are there any examples from there?

    Also, I'd say the AT-ST is a pretty compelling argument.

  10. AT-ST isn't a compelling argument. Unless it's a compelling argument for my point about whether or not the acronym spells a word.

    And in the original trilogy Boba Fett won't shut up about 4-LOM! He's all, "So hey you guys, then 4-Lom said this -" "And then 4-Lom did that - " and "That 4-lom! What a maniac!"

  11. That's because it's an affectionate nickname because they are bounty-hunter-buddies.

    And it's not like you say At seetee.

    Apparently Lucas talks about them in the commentary on Empire.

  12. The source is utterly jumbled anyway. In New Hope alone Han is Han/Hahn, and Leia is Lee-ah, and Lay-ah.

    We always try to turn acronyms into words, therefore you will see tons of printed canon referring to Artoo and Threepio.

  13. That's examples of you pronouncing the letters though. (and I'd call Threepio an affectionate nickname and not his actual title as well. How does C3PO refer to himself?)

  14. I have heard both. But seriously, A Tee A Tee. It's what the capitalisation wants you to do.

    This is worse than the debate over the pronounciation of "Lego" I had last month.

  15. UNICEF is capitalized. Do you say yoo en i see ee eff?

    And if you bring Lego into this the whole site will explode!

  16. I would if it was in the Star Wars universe.

    We need to ask a protocol droid. It's the only was to settle this.

  17. Don't forget about some of the lesser known vehicles in the same series AT-AP (at tap?), AT-OT (at oat), AT-RT (at retweet?) and AT-TE (at tight end?)?

    The real name is leaning so far in the favor of A TEE A TEE, that it's going to topple over it's thin weak legs.

    And yes, we should definitely look into Lego (and Legos - just saying it may have sent Luke over the deep end) at some time.

  18. I can't believe Luke is such a Star Wars n00b.

  19. I believe it's pronounced ESS PEE O CEE KAY.

  20. I always pronounced it "Ay-Tat".

  21. If someone made a reference to the vehicle outside of a Star Wars conversation, and said "For my next car I want an @ @." instead of "For my next car, I wan an A-Tee-A-Tee" I wouldn't know what the hell they were talking about.

    If you call a chicken walker anything other than a chicken walker, you're a jerk.

    Hoth is awesome because Hoth is despair. It's exists (Arguably) as the empire's big win after the loss of the death star. It's as desolate and shitty as tattooine, but much more dangerous.

    Also, living in New Jersey, certain times of the year I can (and do) walk outside and pretend I'm on Hoth. Can't do that with Endor.

  22. Oh J... so disappointed at your sleazy tactics to obscure the truth. The magnificent Bonnie Burton herself, editor at weighed in many hours ago in direct response to you, confirming her preference for @@ and you neglected to present this evidence to our tribunal.

    Furthermore, to back up Ms Burton's stance, she has just tweeted me with the following:

    Bonniegrrl (Bonnie Burton)
    @LukeMilton: I pronounce AT-AT walkers as @ @ walkers!

    BAM! Why don't you take your Grug and go home!

  23. I'd like to point out that Bonnie spells "girl" with 2 "r"'s and no "i".

  24. Think I posted that twice. If I did, it was either by accident or to further impress my point.

  25. You know I would have mentioned it if Bonnie had chosen the right team.

    If you're not with me, then you're my enemy.

  26. I asked Katie Lucas and she said:

    "@LukeMilton oh, I have no idea. I'm not really great with star wars trivia. We call them Walkers."

    I actually feel kind of dumb for bothering her with this because I follow her twitter religiously and she is far more focused on real issues that, you know, actually affect humans.

    So does the emergence of this third answer, right from someone close to the source, put an end to this feud by pointing out that it doesn't matter what you call them? I told Katie I will now refer to them as robo-heffalumpers.


  27. There may be no real answer, but I'm still very curious about it. I was trying to get right to the source as well with no luck. I think there are two main sources that we will not ever hear from: George Lucas and Joe Johnston.

    I listened to about 7 hours worth of The Empire Strikes Back radio drama last night, only to hear them refer to them formally as All Terrain Armored Transports over and over. After a while they started to call them Walkers.

    Kenner's commercials say "@ @" and then their AT-ST commercial avoids the issue by calling them Scout Walkers.


    Nah.. I think I will poll a few more before giving up.

  28. 1. put me in the at at club. a-t-a-t doesn't sound right.

    2. Snow troopers look cool and chewie has a hip new haircut

    3. Best hoth sequence...I liked the one from the N64 game "Rogue Squadron"

  29. 1. a tee a tee. calling it at at makes my hair stand on end.

    2. because snow is cool and snowspeeders are even cooler.

    3. Shadows of the Empire for N64. it was neat-o fun cool

  30. 1. I say AT-AT and Scoutwalker (AT-ST). I mix them. I find it is easier to say 'words' whenever possible.

    2. I find Hoth awesome because so quickly after the demise of the Death Star 1 the Rebels were able to make a base with a shield generator and an ion boob-gun. Plus location, location, location. I guess the Rebels never thought the Empire would find them there being so cold and remote. Even when discovered the Imperials thought it was just smugglers.

    3. LEGO Star Wars 2

  31. Just ordered a quart of GENERAL TEE-ESS-OOH CHICKEN.