Monday, August 8, 2011

Glorious Bounty: The Sticky Goat Affair

I just now posted the last page of the second book of Glorious Bounty.

If you didn't know us before this blog started, or if you generally zone out when Luke or I are talking, Glorious Bounty is a comic written and coloured by Luke Milton and drawn by me. It's about four hapless bounty hunters. It's a sci fi comic, it's funny, and it's not really what you think it's going to be reading what I just wrote.

Clicking will make me bigger!

Heck, you'd be better off just reading it.

Both books are online, completely for free. Book one: The Sexy Virus and book 2: The Sticky Goat Affair are both mere clicks away!

Book 2 turned out to be a gigantic undertaking, largely because when I do the break downs from Luke's script, I'll often pace things a little slower, putting three panels of expressions where Luke might have imagined one. I think this isn't a bad thing though, it makes the characters more animated. Hopefully anyway.

This is an example of a thumbnail of a page that I think Luke would have done in one panel.

And then there was the matter of me miss-numbering the thumbnailed pages. We were well and truly on track to debut the second issue at Supanova, our city's big pop culture convention, when I realized we had twice as many pages left to draw. And the book was going to be 55 pages - not a manageable size for printing in a stapled mini-comic format. Oops! So I started drawing at double time, and we split the book into two (but sell them both for the price of one! Bargain!)

Anyway, I'm super proud of both of these books. You'll probably detect a French feel to the comics, and you'd be right. I was really obsessed with French comics when we launched the series. I will no doubt blog about some French cartoonists in the future.

In the meantime, book three of Glorious Bounty: The Convoluted Killbots, starts next week. But more about that later!

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