Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Step Back to A Step Ahead: "Old"

Two years ago I tried my hand at a 365 photo a day blog called A Step Ahead of the Composition. This was the basic premise:
Every day has a different theme. Every day, a photo needs to be taken that follows the daily theme and posted here. Every photo needs to be taken the same day as its daily theme and posted here during that day.
At one point the blog had about 20 or so contributors, including a large variety of folks who contribute here. The blog was a success in the sense that it was completed, however unfortunately it was not by me. For whatever reason, I fell behind in posting, and then it became overwhelming to play catch up, and then it became embarassing, and then I was humiliated to have abandoned what I started and to have someone else pick up where I left off and complete it. Whats worse is that I never went back to see what was there until now.

I'm posting the photos from today two years ago to reshare them with you. Some are pretty fantastic, others inspired, more for the sake of the project. While two years is not as impressive as say...10 years, it's interesting to look and compare how much things have changed.

"This is a very typical scene in our house... old food. mold on fruits, vegetables, bread, etc... this is my daughter, starla's, birthday cake... she turned 11 two+ weeks ago... gross, right?! & i realize i may be kicking myself tomorrow when i'm trying to find another 'fungus' to photograph..."

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"Today we got a new washer and dryer. It was the dryer that broke, but since the washer is really old I decided to replace them both. This washer is the same kind of washer I had when I was 6 or 7 and one of the members of the hair band Cinderella came over and fixed it. (I rememeber being freaked out because I had never seen a guy look like that) Elle and I were messing around with the magnetic letters and I asked her what is the the washer older than. Her response "Barney" was correct. Barney first aired in 1992. This washer is from at least 1986."

"I like to play games of all sorts, and have always enjoyed going to flea markets or garage sales/yard sales to find older games. Sometimes you find some awesome crazy games like Hoopla from the 50's, and other times you find crap games like this one."

"The first thing I thought of for "old" was a tree. Then I thought of my shoes. They're probably older than this tree. Here's a picture of both''

"For this one I opened up "the archive". I have a large plastic tub full of old posters, trading cards, comics, news articles, ticket stubs, flyers from shows and stuff I've written. I lock it all away in the hopes that one day when I'm old and dumb I can show someone and they'll give a shit. Shudder in fear, future grandchildren."

"Gifted unto me by my grandma. They are copper and ivory, originated from Thailand, and are 150 years old. The pendants are about the size of the fingernail of my index finger - the figures are twin saints. You can see the copper "greening" on bits. Very cool and I'm totally afraid of wearing them."

"I work in the renovated mills in the lovely city of Manchester, where they have taken various objects that used to make the mill run and turned them into "art." This item is so old that it isn't even labeled, it merely sits outside our main office and judges us all. I believe it is some sort of wheel or cog that once helped make textiles, or perhaps shoes. Whatever it did, it contributed to the river behind the mill smelling eight ways from Sunday on hot days. And it is old."

"I currently work at New Hampshire Hospital. It has changed a lot since it was created in 1842. This is one of the many old hospital buildings that are no longer utilized on campus. Though, I am happy to say that many of these old buildings have been retrofitted for other uses such as State Department offices. And, we do have a newer, more comfortable hospital for current patients."

"This ring is at least 161 years old, it has been passed down in Bill's family for several generations. It also happens to be my engagement ring; and I am honored to wear it!"

"This photo is my grandfather holding up a photo of himself in the army, aged 18. He is 91 now. That be old by any reckoning. He sometimes gets irritated when he can't clearly remember little details in stories things that happened to him over 65 years ago. I tell him that I can't remember little details in stories of things that happened to me LAST year and that I hope I am as lucid as him when (if) I get to be 91."

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